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Client Testimonials



We use these devices every day for our employees to use as a message board to share important information easily and in a controlled environment! The setup was as easy as connecting to the network, and we were off to the races!
Especially since the pandemic, it has been crucial that we update our employees fast with the changing environment.

- easy setup
- fast service
- flexibility
- extensive use
- customizable

- Limited supported file formats
- no automatic reboot when connection lost
- limited remote administration​


Jephrey Catalan

Klair Management Enterprises 

McDonald's Franchise Operator

We use Sungale Digital Signage to alert our members about upcoming events, hours of operation, important deadlines, and other Moose Fraternity information...Our members love that the information is up-to-date and changed frequently; they know where to look for information about upcoming events, hours of operation, and events at other Moose Lodges in our state without looking for paper flyers posted around the Lodge.  We plan on adding more videos about the charitable organizations that we support.  Our communications team loves that the information can be removed or added remotely!...We are considering adding a second display in our “game room” where people play cards, darts, and pool.

Raymond – Communication Chair

Plymouth Moose Lodge

Using 1 Sungale Digital Signage unit


I rely on Sungale Signage to effortlessly communicate in-store deals, highlight product upgrades, and showcase enticing bundles to our customers. With its user-friendly interface and seamless functionality, Sungale Signage ensures that our promotions are delivered quickly and effectively, maximizing customer engagement and driving sales. It's been an indispensable tool in enhancing our store experience and boosting revenue. Highly recommended for any business looking to captivate customers with dynamic displays.

Mikhail - Director



We now have (5) Sungale 19" screens in our showroom. Prior to installing them, we posted paper flyers that looked cheap and disorganized. Now we have clean, bright, and effective screens to promote specials, events, and even play videos. The screens provide a much better customer experience and make our messages pop. I had a few struggles getting two of the screens operational with our WIFI. I called and emailed Sungale and they promptly replied and worked diligently to resolve the problems. They even called me to walk me through a few troubleshooting methods. Very impressed with this customer service and highly recommend the product. We have been a loyal customer for many years and love the customer service.  I always get an email response and support.  We will be adding signage to our new stores on Oahu, Maui and Big Island!


Drew Santos - President

Admor HVAC Products, Inc.

We have had a retail store in business for 24 years. We currently own one Sungale digital signage unit, used as an open-closed-hours-address sign for now to replace the old vinyl wrap store hours sign. It works great. We need to get rid of the tinted windows. High-intensity displays are too expensive. The sungale signage unit is a perfect fit, looks nice and fresh, and is easy to use. The setup process was straightforward too. 

Dave – Store Digital Person

Protech  Products, Inc

Sungale (Digital Signage) works as I had hoped – as a vehicle to communicate with clients, to announce what’s happening, info they need to know, celebrating birthdays and highlighting educational content. Happy we bought this few years ago, still working great!

We place them in our kitchen area, where clients gather to eat and catch up, a great place to have communication with clients.

Anonymous Beauty Salon Owner

Using 2 Sungale Digital Signage units at 2 salon locations

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