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Our Signage Solutions

 Sungale Digital Signage is Designed to be your Go-To Easy Solution to the world of Digital Display Advertising and communication.

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Why should I buy Sungale Digital Signage?

Sungale is an established company with offices located in Southern California and with dedicated staff to assist with any question or assistance you may need. We have a proven track record of innovation and quality, and our price structure is unbeatable. 

When looking at some of the competition in the market, they are overly complex and extremely expensive to purchase. That may work for some businesses, but we understand it’s not for everyone and that’s why we made it a goal to bring a top quality industry product to the market without all the expenses and complexities that go along with it. 


When you order the Sungale Digital Signage System, you can have peace of mind knowing that a team member and dedicated account manager located in the USA will be there to get answers and help you with your most important questions fast. If there is a problem with your Digital Signage, we offer a 1 year warranty where you can get a replacement fast with no major hassles or issues. Decide you want a refund? Order from us directly for the best return policy on the market.  


Your satisfaction is our number 1 priority, so we’ll always take care of your needs and do our best to keep you as a satisfied and happy customer. 


The Digital Signage Product

Website Portal for managing account

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Hand Sanitizer station now available

Take your digital signage to the next level by displaying it with our brand-new Hand Sanitizer stand. Perfect for restaurants, hotels, casinos, banks, and anywhere the public may feel a need to have clean hands.

The Stand works with our 14-inch Digital Signage displays. Take your advertising and marketing to the next level by adding this much-needed accessory to your purchase.

The Digital Signage Stand
Built-in hand Sanitizer Dispenser
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