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Deliver engaging content to your audience with our flexible and reliable digital signage solution.

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How Sungale Signage Works

Sungale Digital Signage is designed to be your Go-To Easy Solution to the world of Digital Display Advertising and Communication

The Sungale Digital Signage solution is what every business needs when they are looking for a simple way to communicate and share their Messages, Advertisements, Notices, Images, Videos or Menus with their customers or staff. Whether you are a small Mom & Pop owned restaurant that just needs one display to showcase your special offers or a National Retail Chain comprised of a 1000 or more locations looking to setup a network of displays, Sungale’s Digital Signage system has the equipment and software solution that simply works.

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Premium Display Quality

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Auto Rotate


All-In-One Cloud Management

Please check Sungale YouTube page for detailed instructions on how to set up and use the Sungale digital signage system

Why Choose Sungale Signage?

Sungale Signage is your partner in enhancing your brand's visibility. We help you invest your time and resources where it's needed the most.

Easy Setup

Sungale Digital Signage is very easy to setup. All that is required is a computer to add basic information to register and a Wi-Fi connection for each Digital Signage Display. Then simply add the serial number for each display you want to add.

Simple Operation

As long as the display has an internet connection, you’ll be able to control the content from anywhere. Just log in to the Digital Signage Portal Website, create a folder – upload content – and send it to your display. Within minutes the display is playing your photos or video files.


Various Sizes Available

The display and size you need are unique to your business. That’s why we offer a range of sizes starting with our smaller 7-inch and 10-inch displays.

If you need a little bigger, our 14-inch and 21-inch screen sizes are available, which bring a new level to display your message to the world.

Need something larger? We got you covered with our Digital Signage Display box, which allows you to connect to a larger TV screen using various connecting ports on the box. 

No Wi-Fi? No Problem

At some locations that don't have stable Wi-Fi connections, signage units can still display offline contents with no problem, they will loop previously downloaded contents until Wi-Fi becomes available again, to receive any new incoming contents.

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Endlessly Scalable

No matter how many screens you need, our system can handle it. There’s no limit to the amount of screens you can setup on an account, or the number of accounts you can create and manage. Need help figuring out the best configuration for your business? Send us a message and our team of experts will go through your project and make recommendations that are best suited for what you need.

New Auto-Rotate Function 

The new CPF2208 digital signage seamlessly and automatically rotates content between landscape and portrait modes when turned horizontally or vertically.

Enhanced Full HD IPS Screen

The new 21.5-inch digital signage features a Full HD Anti-Glare wide-angle screen, delivering advertising content with lifelike detail and expansive viewing angles.

Optional Weather Panel

You can choose to have your advertising content displayed alongside a time and weather panel by simply turning it on/off.


Why Our Clients Choose Sungale Signage?


We use these devices every day for our employees to use as a message board to share important information easily and in a controlled environment! The setup was as easy as connecting to the network, and we were off to the races!
Especially since the pandemic, it has been crucial that we update our employees fast with the changing environment.


Jephrey Catalan

Klair Management Enterprises 

McDonald's Franchise Operator


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